Throughout our lives since we were very young we form a self-identity. This self-identity is who we think we are!

Partly based on our beliefs or “this is how it is…experiences” and partly adopted beliefs of others in our social environment. May it be parents, schoolsystems, relationship(s) or friends.

It is a structure called the EGO that begins moving through life with a whole lot of assumptions. Roles….yes…roles….Masks and fake believes.

The Good thing is…that there are always two sides of A coin!

A bad one OMG….and A good one….and even if this is common language…see how this knowledge is in your head only and swiftly dismissed. We never care about something like “EGO” because it would up to a point be an insult to who we are (think…who we are…A role!)

We are Energy so every thought and every feeling and everything we hold as thruth….Are our masks and roles.

We can look at things…with our inner self! “What was this again? And when did I ….the person or role or mask….make it all up? Because we do….we are making it all up and it starts with our head!

The inside of you is you! Sometimes memories or images can be so fearful that we are Running away from whatever it is that is inside of you! It is hurtful and so we are in the domain of fear.

Once you see that…. you can then stop running from basically yourself! Your carefully build images and thoughts of horror.

Resistance builds up…and you are caught… cannot seem to get away form this feeling and thoughts….caught in illusion. Or the roof is almost there! If you want expansion….go this narrow street and face what you held for thruth.

Spend your precious time on something worth while! Something you are passionate about. Start small and work your way up out of confusion and identification with wathever it is you were identifying yourself with. And go with the flow….let it all happen.

Heal yourself whenever thoughts and images or memories and emotions show up! “Say to yourself….Well these are all snapshots from the same mind causing the trouble in the first place. They all come and go. Whatever is attached to these thoughts….they do not mean anything by themselves….they pass through and go!

Do not attach!!! It is like water…it is beautiful when your dip your toe in it….and it becomes a whole different story if you attach yourself to it by going all the way in….now you are in!

Get out of the water and get back to who you truely are.

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