Back in the days when I thought I have lost everything….. I was not aware of my thinking and it’s archive at all.

I thought that I was that! and that everything just overcame me!

So while riding the wheel of illusions and emotional rollercoaster. It went up and down! It was all coming and going again! ‘That is life” everybody said. I thought “Is it? Is this the meaning we give to it? we just dust of the pain and move on?

That is not true! Life developed itself already while producing a baby~body. Even before we got a name from our parents… was already! It kind of intrigued me and I asked myself “what is life really?”

Determination to find the answer has began!

3 ears have passed since then and I was looking at things I came up with! Or at least of which I thought I was certain off!

I understood the necessity of this isolation! Not cluttering the Idea and many roles I had played. No-one to blame around! Just me! seeing clearly that my memory and imagination were constantly building itself up with whatever I gave attention too! It was inside of the different kinds of “me”

I saw the nonsense of my mind trying and accomplishing and working hard at whatever the goal was! taking snapshots and forgetting this and on to the next task. Nonsense of achieving anything in what we call life!

When you take a step back you can witness these things! Just go “Blabla” in your head…..and you are aware of it in your head! you can hear it! you can witness it… if you can witness it! it is not you is it…..

Now welcome to this space of looking at it instead go being it! There is much more to come……

Comunicate and listen

The Indian Stick

Recently I was leading a group into a meeting where one of the topics got heated! Some of the participants were eager to get their point across! As the energy was building inside of the room and I kept quite and looked at the scene of people fighting over opinions, thinking “how to make them listen instead of them waiting to get their point across?”

I came up with this idea I have read years ago!

Somebody looked at me with a big sigh as if he was saying “please help” I was leading this group and I said “okay…..listen up!”

We are going to approach this topic differently! I took out a pen (instead of a stick) and I said “whoever has this pen….is the only one speaking! The rest is listening and repeating or responding to that person. When the other person feels heard and understood, he/she will hand over this pen to somebody else!

Nobody is leaving until everyone has spoken their intentions!

It was a wonderful experience for everyone in that room to say the least. It was a while ago….and a smile comes over my lips when I think about it?

So much so…that I wanted to share this with you! I looked up where that idea came from? originally it was from Stephen Covey and it is called “The Indian Stick”

communicate and listen