Comunicate and listen

The Indian Stick

Recently I was leading a group into a meeting where one of the topics got heated! Some of the participants were eager to get their point across! As the energy was building inside of the room and I kept quite and looked at the scene of people fighting over opinions, thinking “how to make them listen instead of them waiting to get their point across?”

I came up with this idea I have read years ago!

Somebody looked at me with a big sigh as if he was saying “please help” I was leading this group and I said “okay…..listen up!”

We are going to approach this topic differently! I took out a pen (instead of a stick) and I said “whoever has this pen….is the only one speaking! The rest is listening and repeating or responding to that person. When the other person feels heard and understood, he/she will hand over this pen to somebody else!

Nobody is leaving until everyone has spoken their intentions!

It was a wonderful experience for everyone in that room to say the least. It was a while ago….and a smile comes over my lips when I think about it?

So much so…that I wanted to share this with you! I looked up where that idea came from? originally it was from Stephen Covey and it is called “The Indian Stick”

communicate and listen